'Plant Plant' 2019
A short narrative by myself,
Story follows - 
A plant-man is born inside his natural habitat to become curious of the world around him. 
When wondering into the distance he discovers a vast city towering over him, confused not knowing off this strange new world he decides to go closer. 
A city CCTV camera notices him in his birthed form and makes him quickly find some old clothes to thrown on, found by his plant-dog companion.
When walking through this vast city of smoke and concrete he becomes nervous, as the people around him point fingers and frown down upon his form.
He the comes tor realise plants are forbidden growth in the city walls, before being noticed by the plant pest control, he grabs a single plant that has managed to sprout through the concrete.
After being chased up to the top of a large story building. He spreads the seed off the plant into the atmosphere, as the seeds join together a transformation of the city starts to happen.
Plants now thrive through the cracks in the concrete, transforming the city and creating a balance through unity of both opposing sides. 
When leaving the city he comes across a sign for a brand new construction in the distance, knowing there is more than one city of concrete, he marches on with the same plant and with the power of creating balance. 
The moral i have tried to perceive, is that wether it is people or plants, a stable balance is important for universal peace in our world. 
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